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Teaching Dentists Precise Language
for Patient Satisfaction, Case Aceptance and Doctor Retention

Group and DSO Growth Through
Targeted Professional Development

Three Realities:


DSO growth is directly dependent on the quality of its dentists.


The greatest determinant of dentist effectiveness is communication skills.


Communication training can quickly and dramatically improve dentist performance.

Precision dental communication 
changes everything.

Patient Satisfaction

Dentist as trusted friend, not tooth-fixer.

Improved Dentist Retention

Dentists who are happy with their income and are satisfied in

their work are unlikely to leave.

Case Acceptance

Create perfect understanding.

Less direct and

indirect damage from

angry patients.

Dentists know exactly how to prevent and manage problems.


The Ten Modules of Master Class



Elite-level Case Acceptance
The three non-negotiable requirements for case acceptance that's off the charts.


All-purpose Hacks
How to make communication precise and effective in every situation.


The Perfect First Meeting
Creating connection and coming to understand the patient the first time you meet him. This is the foundation of a productive dentist-patient relationship.


The Perfect Treatment Presentation
Instilling such deep understanding that most patients enthusiastically accept your recommendations.


Talking About Money
Taking the stress out of financial discussions and increasing case acceptance.


The "Insurance" Myth
Eliminating the obstacle of the "insurance maximum."


Inviting Referrals & Reviews
Becoming comfortable with asking for the referrals and reviews that are so critical for success.


Staying Out
of Trouble
"Informed consent on steroids." Learning how to avoid the stresses and problems created by upset patients.


Getting Out
of Trouble
Learning the Strategy of the Two Sorry's for defusing potentially destructive situations.


The Art of
Saying No
Providing ways of doing the right thing without getting patients upset.

Astera® Communications is Uniquely Positioned to Help DSO’s and Groups.

Astera® Communications  founder and president, Dr. Michael Slesnick has taught radically effective communication to hundreds of dentists and dental students.


He practiced for many years and was an assistant clinical professor at Boston University where he developed BU’s first communication training curriculum. He's also the author of Targets and Hacks for Dentists/ Quickstart Guide To Precision Dental Communication.

As the former president of a multi-office group practice, he struggled with many of the same problems you do.

guerra photo.jpeg
Francis Guerra, DMD
Franklin, MA
What makes Master Class great is that it provides alternative and detailed ways to present treatment in a way that creates complete understanding and prioritizes patients’ needs. It has also given me a step-by-step blueprint for building relationships and communicating clearly.

I consider myself to be personable and friendly, but when I opened my new office, I realized that to build my practice, I had to further improve my relationships with patients.  I struggled with using words in a way that eliminated confusion and eased anxiety. I didn't know why patients who liked me didn't automatically write reviews.

Dr. Slesnick does an amazing job summarizing lessons and gives plenty of examples. With very clearly demonstrated scenarios and videos, you can see areas where you can improve.  Master Class provided me with the confidence I needed to make each interaction impactful and meaningful. Since taking the course, my Google reviews, treatment plan acceptance, and relationships with patients have all improved. I feel empowered.

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Randy Photo.jfif
Randy Schumacher, Director, Learning and Development
42 North Dental
Dr. Slesnick is able to give motivated and coachable dentists elite-level skills that would normally be acquired over an entire career as a dentist. He's an exceptional teacher and his state-of-the-art training program will accelerate the profitability, productivity, and patient satisfaction scores of any dentist who is willing to improve.

I have been most impressed with the body of work that he's used to build his Elite-level Case Acceptance Training Program.  He has a deep understanding of patients' and dentists' wants and needs and uses sound psychological communication principles to build trust, personal credibility, and rapport with patients. He recognizes that unless dentists have superb communication skills, they won't be happy or effective. 

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mangan photo.jpeg
Patrick Mangan, DDS
Braintree, MA
Master Class helped me to understand what patients are thinking and what they really want. Precision communication is an art and science and Mike Slesnick explains it so clearly that patient interactions become effective and enjoyable.

Before taking Master Class, I struggled to motivate patients to take care of their dental problems. The most frustrating part was that the problems were there, but patients wouldn't schedule treatment. This happened over and over, and I had no idea what to do about it.

Master Class was worth its weight in gold. I stronger suggest that you learn the pearls that Mike has to offer. 100% worth every minute.

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Step #1 

Watch the meet Michael video.

Step #2 

Set up a time to speak with Michael.

Step # 3 
If you believe that we can help you grow, consider partnering with us.

Gray Structure
  • Why do I need precision communication skills?
    Dentists who lack these skills struggle with mediocre case acceptance/income, unsatisfactory referrals and reviews and problems with upset patients. This holds them back from the career they want.
  • How will Slesnick Master Class help me?
    Dentists who enroll in Master Class and take it seriously can expect to master the precision communication skills they need to be successful.
  • What does Master Class consist of?
    It includes seven modules, each focusing on a different aspect of clinical dentistry. Enrollees will learn the communication goals and specific steps to to reach those goals. Master Class is a skills training, not an academic course.
  • How much time will Master Class take to complete?
    This will vary from individual to individual but thoroughly learning the concepts and skills requires a significant investment in work and time.
  • Will Master Class work for everybody?
    Anyone willing to put in the time and effort can expect excellent results.
  • What does Master Class cost?
    The tuition is $3500 for an individual, $3000 per dentist if more than enrolls
  • What happens if I'm disappointed in the results?
    If, after six months of utilizing the skills learned in Master Class, a dentist doesn't feel that he's received an excellent return on investment, either an individual, one-on-one training program or a 50% refund of tuition will be offered.

Dentists Who Are Elite
Communicators Drive Growth.

Dentists are the lifeblood of large groups and DSO’s and growth is only possible to the extent that dentists perform. And no dentist can perform at a high level without superior communication skills.

© 2020 by Astera Dental Communication, LLC.

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