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Welcome To The

Precision Dental Communication Forum

Welcome to my dental professional and support staff colleagues!

 I created this space as a way of sharing ideas, problems, and solutions in areas we all face. Nothing works well without effective communication and unfortunately, this isn't something most of us haven't been taught. 

My role is to facilitate discussions and give you things to think about. I won't preach at you and I certainly won't put you down if your ideas and mine differ. In fact, I won't allow anybody to be disrespectful or critical. This will always be a safe space.

The Forum's focus will be on communication in the dental environment. So whether you're concerned with case acceptance or are looking for ways of dealing with angry patients, you're in the right place. If you're uncomfortable talking to patients about money or don't know why your patients seem not to trust you, let's talk about it together. 


My expectation is that everyone, including me, will learn from each other. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and may well borrow your ideas for new versions of Master Class. Let's share our collective experience and wisdom.

So whether you just check in from time to time to see what's going on or make the Forum a regular part of your professional life, I'm glad you're here. You should never feel bad if you don't want to post or actively participate but you also shouldn't hesitate to post or comment on other peoples' posts. It's all OK. 

So to join the Forum, just click "Join Group" below.

Thanks so much!

Mike Slesnick

Precision Dental Communication Forum

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