AsteraTM Master Class Can

Change Your Life.


Does your career meet your expectations?

Mediocre case acceptance


Boring, unproductive treatment


Frustration high / Satisfaction low


What's the Problem?

You Don't know the Right Words!

It's not your fault. You've never been taught.

The Nine Modules of Master Class



Game changing communication hacks for all situations.


The Perfect First Meeting
Creating connection and coming to understand the patient the first time you meet him. This is the foundation of a productive dentist-patient relationship.


The Perfect Treatment Presentation
Instilling such deep understanding that most patients enthusiastically accept your recommendations.


Talking About Money
Taking the stress out of financial discussions and increasing case acceptance.


The "Insurance" Myth
Eliminating the obstacle of the "insurance maximum."


Inviting Referrals & Reviews
Becoming comfortable with asking for the referrals and reviews that are so critical for success.


Staying Out
of Trouble
"Informed consent on steroids." Learning how to avoid the stresses and problems created by upset patients.


Getting Out
of Trouble
Learning the Strategy of the Two Sorry's for defusing potentially destructive situations.


The Art of
Saying No
Providing ways of doing the right thing without getting patients upset.

Michael knows exactly

how to help you.

He’s taught precision communication skills to hundreds of dentists and dental students.


He practiced for over forty years and was on the faculty at Boston University.


He’s also walked in your shoes.

He’s been there.



Step #1 Test Drive Master Class.

Try it out.

Step #2  Discuss With Michael


Step # 3 Enroll in Master Class.

Go for it!

Is Master Class a good investment?

If you don't do the work,


But if you do what it takes to master the skills,

You decide.

What is the value of...

What does an accepted crown and bridge case mean for your income? An implant case? An esthetics case?

One fully accepted treatment plan?

One each month?


These patients are ready to accept the treatment you tell them they need.

One new patient brought in by referrals or outstanding reviews?
One each month? More?

What does a low-stress day mean for you?

Knowing exactly how to prevent and manage

problems with angry patients?

What does a low-stress day mean for you?


Leave Frustration Behind.
Learn Precision Communication.

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Astera Master Class

It's fast.

It’s easy.

And its impact is permanent.

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Is eight hours of your time too much to invest to change your career forever? For dentists ready to commit to change, that’s how long it takes to thoroughly absorb the essential concepts of Master Class Phase 1. Then you’re ready to use the radically effective skills needed for extraordinary case acceptance, outstanding patient satisfaction and practice growth. Consistent practice will then allow you to master the skills within 6-8 weeks. Then accelerate your progress even further by spending just a few hours with Master Class Phase 2. You’ll learn how to use precision communication to prevent and manage problems, to talk about money, to say “No” to patients without making them mad, and to invite referrals and reviews. Once you know the right words, once you make precision communication a part of your life, your career will never be the same. Sign Up Now