Teaching Dentists Precise Language For Career-Changing Case Acceptance

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Does your career meet your expectations?




What's the Problem?


Communication Skills

It's not your fault. You've never been taught.
Precision dental communication 
changes everything.
Jumpstart your career.
Have more fun.

Improved income

Far better case acceptance.


productive schedules

Precision communication brings in more patients.

Less Stress

Problem prevention and management become effortless.


Michael knows exactly

how to help you.

He’s taught elite communication skills to hundreds of dentists and dental students.


He practiced for over forty years and was on the faculty at Boston University.


He’s also walked in your shoes.

He’s been there.

Meet Michael


Step #1 Meet with Michael.

See if he can help you.

Step #2 Enroll in Master Class. 

Master the skills you need.

Step # 3 Use the skills

Watch your career blossom!

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Is Master Class a good investment?

If you don't do the work,


But if you do what it takes to master the skills,

You decide.

What is the value of...

One fully accepted

treatment plan?

One each month?


One new patient brought in by referrals or outstanding reviews?
One each month? More?

Knowing exactly how to prevent and manage

problems with angry patients?

Leave Frustration Behind.
Learn Precision Communication.

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You signed up for a career of delivering great treatment, making good money, and enjoying your work. You deserve to have that. The only thing that’s been holding you back is your lack of effective communication skills.


Now you can remove that last obstacle by learning precision communication.

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The heart of this training is Master Class, a comprehensive, online training program. It’s specifically designed for dentists who want to quickly bring powerful new skills into their practices. A description of the seven Master Class modules is listed below. While Master Class is intended as a stand-alone program, some dentists may choose to supplement the training with additional, one-on-one sessions with experienced coaches. Dentists who commit to learning the essential communication skills have an opportunity to generate superb case acceptance, to receive more referrals from grateful patients, to get exceptional reviews and to successfully prevent and manage problems. Your career has reached a crossroads. If you’re ready for change, sign up for Master Class today.


The Seven Modules of Master Class



The Perfect First Meeting
Creating connection and coming to understand the patient the first time you meet him. This is the foundation of a productive dentist-patient relationship.


The Perfect Treatment Presentation
Instilling such deep understanding that most patients enthusiastically accept your recommendations.


Staying Out
of Trouble
"Informed consent on steroids." Learning how to avoid the stresses and problems created by upset patients.


Getting Out
of Trouble
Learning the Strategy of the Two Sorry's for defusing potentially destructive situations.


Talking About Money
Taking the stress out of financial discussions and increasing case acceptance.


How To
Say No
Providing ways of doing the right thing without getting patients upset.


Opening the Door for Referrals and Great Reviews
Becoming comfortable with asking for the referrals and reviews that are so critical for success.