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Watch That First Step!

You're at risk!

You became a dentist for lots of valid reasons. But there's an insidious danger that may keep you from having the career you signed up for. It's a danger you need to guard against at all times.

The danger is accepting mediocrity. At first glance, you may think this doesn't apply to you. You know you're a good dentist. Understand, however, that the risk is very real.

Look at yourself.

How often to you find yourself evaluating treatment that you've done without being proud of it. It's clinically acceptable but not your best work. The tendency is to say, "It's good enough." This is a hard tendency to resist, especially when redoing the work would put you behind schedule. Nonetheless, resist it you must.

The good news.

Does this mean that that you have to become an ultraperfectionist who makes him or herself crazy? No. Use your discrimination, but make sure that you feel good about every piece of treatment you deliver. That's the only way to truly enjoy your career. Mediocrity sucks out all the fun.

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